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SEPTEMBER 23 & 24, 2016

at The Hyatt Regency Hotel in Louisville, KY


Organized by security consulting and research firm Independent Security Evaluators (ISE), IoT Village™ delivers thought leadership advocating for security advancements in Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The village consists of workshops on hacking numerous off-the-shelf devices (e.g. medical devices, home appliances, routers, and storage devices), live educational talks and a variety of contests. IoT Village's™ contests are brought to you by SOHOpelessly Broken™, the first-ever router hacking contest at DEF CON, which delivered 15 new 0-day vulnerabilities to the research community.

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DEF CON 24 Schedule

= Workshops & Presentations =

Bronze room 4 & 3

= Presentation | = workshop | = Talk

Friday, August 5, 2016

Topic Presenter Time
Exploiting a Smart Fridge: a Case Study in Kinetic Cyber Kevin Cooper 10:10 am
KEYNOTE Paul Dant 11:30 am
FCC 5G/IoT Security Policy Objectives Rear Admiral (ret.) David Simpson, FCC, Bureau Chief 12:10 pm
Picking Bluetooth Low Energy Locks from a Quarter Mile Away Anthony Rose 2:00 pm
Live Drone RF Reverse Engineering Marc Newlin, Matt Knight, Bastille Networks 5:00 pm

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Topic Presenter Time
Hot Wheels: Hacking Electronic Wheelchairs Stephen Chavez and Specter 10:10 am
How the Smart-City becomes Stupid Denis Makrushin, Vladimir Daschenko, Kaspersky Lab 12:10 pm
TBD TBD 2:00 pm
Internet of Thieves (or DIY Persistence) Joseph Needleman 3:30 pm
Thermostat Ransomware and Workshop Ken Munro, Pen Test Partners 5:00 pm

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Topic Presenter Time
0-day Hunting Elvis Collado 10:00 am

= Talks =

Village Talks in Bronze Room 1

Topic Presenter Time
Sense & Avoid: Some laws to know before you break IoT Elizabeth Wharton Friday @ 1:00 pm
BtleJuice: the Bluetooth Smart Man In The Middle Framework Damien Cauquil, Digital Security (CERT-UBIK), Senior Security Researcher Friday @ 3:00 pm
Is Your Internet Light On? Protecting Consumers in the Age of Connected Everything Terrell McSweeny, Federal Trade Commission, Commissioner Friday @ 4:00 pm
SNMP and IoT Devices: Let me Manage that for you Bro! Bertin Bervis Saturday @ 1:00 pm
Reversing and Exploiting Embedded Devices Elvis Collado, Praetorian, Senior Security Researcher Saturday @ 3:00 pm
Tranewreck Jeff Kitson, Trustwave SpiderLabs, Security Researcher Saturday @ 4:00 pm
IoT Defenses - Software, Hardware, Wireless and Cloud Aaron Guzman, Principal Penetration Tester Sunday @ 11:00 am


The so-called Internet of Things (IoT) is undergoing massive adoption. From locks and thermostats to televisions and refrigerators, many devices that have traditionally delivered analog functionality are rapidly gaining Wi-Fi connectivity and connecting to cloud-based, command-and-control centers for remote control and monitoring functionality. Some of these devices are built with security in mind, while others are simply analog devices with communication capabilities slapped on. The security and privacy implications introduced by any security vulnerabilities in these connected devices are tremendous.

To be at the forefront of addressing and minimizing these issues, we've organized the first-ever IoT hacking village at DEF CON 23. As a follow-up to the massively popular SOHOpelessly Broken™ router hacking contest, which debuted at DEF CON 22 and contributed 15 new 0-day discoveries to the research community, we hope to educate participants and the community about security vulnerabilities in these widely deployed devices and, in turn, shift toward better security in the IoT category.

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= Zero-Day Track =

We encourage you to BYOT!

The Zero-Day track is focused on the discovery and demonstration of real exploits (i.e., 0-day vulnerabilities). This track relies on the judging of newly discovered, real attacks against devices within the Internet of Things. Details

This is an opportunity for contestants to bring in their own IoT devices and demonstrate exploits to our panel. Contestants will need to provide proof that they disclosed the vulnerability to the vendor.

= CTF Track =

This is an at-con capture the flag style contest where contestants will be pitted against 15+ off-the-shelf SOHO routers and IoT devices, hardened, but with known vulnerabilities. Contestants must identify weaknesses and exploit these devices to gain control. Pop as many as you can over the weekend to win cash and gift cards. Details

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